Swatch | STEAMBOAT | High Country Collection


  • Wear Layer: 12mil
  • Length: 47.75”
  • Width: 5.75”
  • Sq. Ft./Box: 19.067
  • Product Identification:
    5mm with pad attached
  • Construction:
    Vinyl with SPC core, XPO backing with scratch resistant coating
  • Pre-attached Pad:
    1mm XPO acoustic underlayment
  • Usage:
    Residential and Light Commercial
  • Installation Method:
    Angle drop and lock system
  • Lifetime Warranty:
    Lifetime for Residential
  • ASTM Specification Classification:
    ASTM F3261
  • Limited Warranty Period:
    10-years for light commercial

*See Installation Instructions for important details about installing this product over radiant heating systems.